Content Creation

Wether you are supplying your own creative broadcast or requiring the assistance of our in house design team , you'll find all the information you need below.    

Supplying Your Own Ad

 Static Image 
Dim: 1920px (w) x 1080px (h)
Length of creative: N/A
File format (static): JPG, PNG
DPI (static): Min 72dpi - Max 300dpi

Dynamic / Animated
Dimensions: 1920px (w) x 1080px (h)
Length of creative: Depends on
our chosen campaign
File format : H264 mp4
Bit rate (dynamic/animated): 8mbps
Frame rate : 25 or 30fps
Please send final copy to

Creating your Own Ad?

Most research agrees that marketers have 8 seconds or less to capture a viewer's attention.  Always keep in mind the old adage “A picture speaks a thousand words” Big bold clear pictures or video that delivers the message is extremely important. Lots of text does not work on this type of digital signage platform.  Remember your goal is maximizing visual appeal and ease of reading in the the timeframe allocated.  
Work out what is important to you . Do you want to design your message for ROI or ROO . When creating your advert please follow the Basic Signage Guidelines. 
Our Content Guide can be found here.

Chameleon Assisted

 Chameleon Creation  
Dont have the time or the resources to create your own advertisement ?
Let us take care of the design work for you. Take a minute to read through our Content Guide and browse over the ROI and ROO information , then email your design brief through to and we will be in touch to take care of the rest. 


 Adverts must conform to the Advertising Standards Authority Code. 

Digital Signage can get your message across in a fraction of the time