Who we are

Community Commerce Connectivity

Who We Are

Chameleon TV is a product of Instore Broadcasting Ltd. We are proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated.
Chameleon TV is a rapidly expanding digital signage solution that operates in numerous locations around the greater Auckland region. Our brand slogan is
‘ Community , Commerce , Connectivity '
We have a high emphasis on
'Support Local - Spend Local'
promoting local communities and the local businesses within it.

Community & Commerce

We galvanised this by ensuring each local community has a minimum of 40% local and regional community messages. Chameleon TV enables local charities , schools , clubs , community groups ,events news and live traffic updates to be delivered to multiple high traffic areas. Local businesses or our ‘local community heros’ who advertise across our platforms benefit by not only promoting themselves within their local community, but  by being seen to both engage in, and support local community.

Chameleon Technology

Cutting edge Chameleon technology is proud to be 100% Kiwi developed . Delivering relative, informative and entertaining content to your local community in conjunction with personalised commercial broadcasting messages. Our innovative IT team have developed a cloud based server management solution .Through WIFI our media player enables live content updating and scheduling to be undertaken from any remote location .